About Us

Facing a lawsuit is never a part of anybody’s bucket list. Not only is it tiring and stressful, it also involves money. Depending on the case, the process could drag out for several months or years. Most of the time, people just give up and stop halfway because of the time, effort, and money needed. In doing this, you practically waste all financial transactions made prior.

If you feel like you’re in a bind, you can always apply for pre-settlement funding to help you financially. With a responsible and competent team, Georgia Lawsuit Loans is ready to hear you out and assist you. Our company will collaborate with your attorney in expediting your settlement.

If you are facing personal injury cases, workers’ compensation, wrongful death, civil rights violations, employment discrimination or harassment, product liability, medical malpractice,commercial litigation, whistleblower cases, or mass tort, contact us so we can discuss your case and how we can help you.

Georgia Lawsuit Loans is permitted to service the entire state including the following locations:

  • Atlanta
  • Savannah
  • Columbus
  • Augusta
  • Macon