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Georgia Lawsuit Loans offers fast pre-settlement funding in Georgia for reasonable interest rates to people who are involved in personal injury lawsuits.

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We provide lawsuit funding to victims up to $2,000,000 based on the value of your case.

Our track record of exceptional service, dedication, and commitment to our satisfied clients is evident in our standing with previous clients. Understanding the urgency that often accompanies legal proceedings, we take great pride in our quick loan distribution process, which ensures that qualified applicants can get the funding they need in 24 hours. Don’t hesitate to take the next step if you are facing the financial strains of a lawsuit.

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Our firm provides Lawsuit loans referred to as cash advances. These funds can be used to cover any expenses that arise while the lawsuit (plaintiff’s) is ongoing. This financial assistance becomes available before obtaining the rightful compensation secured through a successful trial result or settlement against the defendant. The funds serve many purposes for our clients’ needs, like rent, mortgage, utilities, and even daily expenses like food and transportation.

Ease your financial burden today! Don’t hesitate to contact us at 888-555-1212 or via our online form, and you could potentially receive legal funding as early as tomorrow. Our approachable and skilled team will entertain your queries and concerns regarding the pre-settlement funding process. We don’t subject you to credit checks or the hassle of providing proof of income and we follow a ‘no win, no pay’ guarantee. You can count on us – if your case doesn’t succeed, you don’t need to worry about repayment. Reach out to us now.

3 Steps To Receive Your Lawsuit Loan in 24 Hours


Take the first step to alleviate your financial worries. Submit your application for hassle-free lawsuit loans. We understand that during challenging times, you need support without unnecessary hurdles.

With us, you will experience the following:

  • YES to No Upfront Costs
  • YES to No Credit Checks
  • YES to No Employment Checks
  • YES to Fair Interest Rates
  • YES to Fast-Loan Release


Our committed and outstanding team will review your application immediately and thoroughly. We provide assistance to various forms of cases such as personal injury, car accident, premises negligence, workers’ comp, class action, and more.


In order to quickly and securely disburse funds for a lawsuit loan, we prepare a comprehensive contract detailing loan terms, deliver it electronically through a secure system, confirm the client’s identity, enable digital signature, and start a secure fund transfer. We ensure that we comply with legal requirements and offer customer support as necessary.

Pre-Settlement Funding Laws & Regulations in Georgia State

Funding & Case Limitations

Georgia Lawsuit Loans grants cash up to $2M for most nations, including the entire state of Georgia, depending on the severity of your claims.

What Are The Liability & Statutory Regulations?

According to O.C.G.A. §§ 51-11-7 and 51-12-33, Georgia follows a Modified Comparative Fault 50% Bar system. Under this, a plaintiff may obtain compensation in a personal injury case if their own fault does not exceed 50%. A two-year Statute of Limitations is also mandated by Georgia law under Section 9-3-33.

What Are The Minimums On Insurance Coverage?

The minimum insurance limits for bodily injury per person are $25,000, $50,000 for bodily injury per accident, and $25,000 for property damage per accident. The 25/50/25 liability model governs the minimum Underinsured Motorist (UIM) auto insurance coverage.

Am I Eligible For Workers Compensation?

In Georgia, financing is not available for workers’ compensation cases.


Are Their Limitations On Receiving Cash Advances On A Settlement?

There are restrictions if the applicant has previously secured legal funding for the same case elsewhere, notably for workers’ compensation or soft tissue injury cases. A lien will also be issued against the applicant if they have obtained financing from another agency for the same disputes. Applicants must report such situations while applying for pre-settlement funding, allowing the company to arrange for the lien’s payback prior to proceeding with additional funding.


How Can a Lawsuit Loan in Georgia Help Me Win a Better Settlement?

It would be best to give the plaintiff and the attorney more time to study the case and gather resources since insurance companies have a significant advantage. They resort to financial pressure to persuade claimants to accept a lower settlement but with a lawsuit loan in Georgia,  you can greatly enhance your chances of securing a better settlement, peace of mind, and financial relief. You don’t have to settle for less than what is rightfully yours. Consider applying for a no-risk and hassle-free lawsuit loan to assist you in your pursuit of justice and a fair settlement.

What Can I Use My Georgia Legal Funding On?

Financial concerns shouldn’t add to the strain when you’ve been wronged. Georgia Lawsuit Loans offers flexible settlement funding choices so you put the funds where it is needed the most , such as:

  • Daily necessities
  • Food
  • Lodging
  • Personal health
  • Medical bills
  • Legal fees

With Georgia Lawsuit Loans, you receive fast financial help without the pressure of debt or out-of-pocket fees. We offer lawsuit settlement loans to assist you,  and even if the other side wins, you won’t be required to pay.


What is the civil lawsuit process like in Georgia?

In Georgia, the plaintiff typically files a complaint to begin a civil lawsuit. Following the defendant’s response, both parties exchange information in a stage known as “discovery,” they can try to reach an agreement through negotiation or go to trial. After the trial, the court renders a decision. The unsuccessful party may challenge the judgment if dissatisfied.

How do lawsuit loans work in the Peach State?

Lawsuit loans in Georgia involve applying for funds from a legal funding company, using the cash advances for various needs, repaying it only if you win the case, and settling the loan from your settlement or verdict proceeds.